Weed Control

Ask anyone involved with looking after grass for a living and they will tell you that weeds are a constant problem. Even in the most well managed turf, weeds will find their way in. Our objective is to eliminate weeds from lawns wherever possible by using a range of selective herbicides. There is no more effective method of getting rid of lawn weeds than to use a selective herbicide which ideally needs to be applied as a liquid solution. Applying a weed killer as a granule is simply not as effective. There is also no single product available to either the general public or to the professional that is effective on all types of weeds.

The assurance that we always provide to our customers is that the use of selective herbicides is a necessity to get rid of weeds however we endeavour to keep the use of weed killers to a minimum.

Some weeds, such as daisy, buttercup and dandelion can normally be eliminated following a single application of product. Others such as trefoil, clover and selfheal are more persistant and require repeat applications. And, unfortunately there are a few which if they have a significant presence are a complete nuisance. Speedwell is one that fits into this classification. All selective herbicides used by lawn partners are generally harmless in the very low concentrations being applied.

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