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The often repeated mantra is mow high, often and with sharp blades.

Keeping your grass a bit longer will produce stronger, healthier grass with fewer pest and disease problems. Longer grass also has more leaf surface to take in sunlight. This enables it to grow thicker and develop a deeper root system, which in turn helps the grass survive drought, tolerate insect damage and fend off diseases. Longer grass also shades the soil surface keeping it cooler, helping it retain moisture, and making it difficult for weeds to germinate and grow.

Most domestic lawns will not survive very well at low cutting heights and even worse it encourages moss and weeds to take over. Generally most lawns will benefit from being cut at about 1 inch (2.5cm) and slightly higher if the lawn is under some kind of stress (eg.dry conditions).

Frequency does depend on how fast the lawn is growing. A good rule of thumb is not to cut more than one third of the grass length at any one time.

Change the direction of cut at regular intervals or the grass will start to lie in the direction you are mowing. We recommend that lawn clippings are always collected.  

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