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At lawn partners we recognize that many homeowners want to keep their lawns looking green and healthy so that the garden becomes an extension of their home environment.

It is our goal to work with you to provide you with a lawn which will be the envy of the neighbours. We do not cut lawns but we do specialise in treating and managing customers lawns.

At lawn partners we are totally focused with the task of ensuring our customers have a lawn which:

  • is healthy and green
  • has complete grass coverage
  • is free of weeds
  • is free of moss

We are able to provide the full complement of services normally associated with lawn care.

Routine Lawn Management

  • regular feed treatment applications
  • specifically targeted weed treatments
  • moss treatment and control
  • pest and disease treatment

Cultural & Mechanical Treatments

  • scarification
  • aeration
  • top dressing

Other services

  • complete lawn renovation
  • seeding
  • turfing
  • weed and moss treatment to hard surfaces (patios, paths and drives)          

Typically, the basic lawn partners programme, depending upon initial lawn condition,  comprises 4 to 5 specialist treatments annually. We tailor a programme specifically with your lawn in mind, because based on our experience, a standard programme does not suit every lawn.

Programmes are designed to be completely flexible and we can make adjustments to ensure the results match your expectations. By visiting your lawn regularly we can monitor treatment responses and react accordingly, for example, to changes in the weather and can identify problem areas whilst they are still small and treat them before they cause serious damage.

When you choose lawn partners to handle your lawn care requirements you can have confidence that the company won’t have simply worked hard to win your business, but will work hard to keep it. The only way for this to be achieved is for the relationship with you to be built on trust, transparency, honesty and commitment.

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