The programme

lawn partners professional lawn care always uses high quality fertilisers and weed control products only available to the professional market. Our tailored programme of lawn treatments is designed to provide the correct analysis of product at the right time of year.  Our focus is on providing what the lawn needs to grow in a healthy way and not to over-stimulate growth which could result in problems down the line.

Depending upon the weather, the first treatment of the year will take place during February to March. Subsequent treatment will occur at roughly 8-12 week intervals thereafter with the final application likely to be scheduled from end-October onwards.

Routine Lawn Management

Lawn Feeding

None of the fertilisers used by lawn partners contain any weed treatment products and are therefore completely safe for children, pets and wildlife. Most of the fertilisers we use are granular products which require very little moisture to break down and get into the soil. They are also designed to minimise the risk of scorch during the summer months… more details…

Weed Control

Even in the most well managed turf, weeds will find their way into the lawn. Our objective is to eliminate weeds from lawns wherever possible by using a range of selective herbicides… more details…


There is no magic cure for moss problems in lawns. The best we can offer is to provide a lawn treatment regime which keeps the moss under control… more details…

Pest and Disease Control

There are a wide array of pests and diseases which can afflict lawns, however a lawn which is healthy is far less susceptible to problems than one which is in poor condition… more details…

Cultural & Mechanical Treatments


Regular use of the lawn, coupled with heavy soil, compacts the soil to such an extent that adequate oxygen, moisture and nutrients are prevented from reaching the grass roots. We firmly believe the single most beneficial cultural treatment that you can do for your lawn is to aerate the soil… more details…


Scarification should be regarded as an essential part of any lawn care programme. This mechanical process is the best way to remove the build-up of thatch and allow the grass to regenerate itself… more details…


Creating a new lawn from seed often provides a more cost effective means than turfing. lawn partners can advise on the various options available for growing a lawn from seed… more details…

Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of adding a fine layer of soil mix to the lawn surface to improve soil structure and help even out any lumps and bumps that are present… more details…

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