Moss Treatment

The vast majority of gardens in this part of the country have clay-based soils which can give rise to poor drainage. This combined with shady conditions provides an ideal habitat for moss to thrive. Most lawns we’ve seen have to some extent a problem with moss which requires managing. There is no magic cure for moss problems in lawns. The best we can offer is to provide a lawn treatment regime which keeps the moss in abeyance.

The vast majority of lawns that we visit for the first time often have a significant presence of moss. A moss treatment applied in isolation will not cure this but needs to be done in combination with a mechanical process.

The best way of getting rid of the moss is to remove either by raking-out or by scarifying. Once the bulk of the moss has been removed, we then try to encourage conditions which prevent its return. Again, this is most likely to be achieved by a combination of regular lawn treatments and cultural activities such as aeration (lawn-spiking).

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