July-AugustLawn Diary

  • Summer mowing should be carried at least weekly during periods of vigorous growth.
  • Lawns showing signs of drought stress will lose their colour, springiness and texture.
  • Continue to water if necessary during periods of dry weather; remember a good soaking every 4-5 days is better than a daily drizzle.
  • Treatment of any weeds with a suitable herbicide should be ongoing.
  • Apply a suitable Nitrogen based fertiliser to promote healthy turf.

Professional lawn care

Established in 2005, lawn partners professional lawn care has established itself as the premier provider of lawn care services in South Cambs, Cambridge, North Herts, North Essex and South Beds.

Lawncare services

Lawn partners provides a comprehensive range of lawncare services including:

  • Routine lawn management & lawncare - lawn feeding, weed and moss control.
  • Cultural and mechanical treatments - renovation activities, scarification, seeding, aeration.
  • Lawn pest and disease treatment.
  • Hard surface treatments.

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