May lawn diary 2015

Thankfully the cool conditions which prevailed for much of March and April have now given way to warmer weather and more regular lawn cutting will be needed. Mowing encourages the grass to send out side shoots which thickens the sward and gives the effect of filling in small gaps in the lawn. Blade height can also be lowered.

Lawn weeds are becoming more evident and now is a good time to treat them using a selective herbicide. This is a product which, applied at the correct dosage, will affect only the weeds and not the grass.

The combined lawn treatment products available from garden centres are normally a granular blend and represent a compromise when it comes to dealing with the weeds. A better idea is to apply a liquid herbicide which will prove more reliable than using a granular compound. Applied correctly it will be effective on both annual weeds, such as dandelion and thistle, and perennial weeds such as clover and buttercup.

If you haven’t done so already, the application of a lawn feed will also provide the grass with essential nutrients during the transition into faster growth. Don’t be tempted to apply a little extra than indicated by the guidelines as lawn scorch could result.

During spells of drier weather, areas which underwent lawn renovation and seeding will require watering. The last few weeks have seen precious little rainfall and a dry seed-bed will result in poor germination.

For help and assistance on lawn related matters please get in touch with your local lawn expert.

Ian Corlett – Lawn Partners professional lawn care
Published in "the listing – your guide to Royson" May 2015.

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