Commercial Services

When you choose lawn partners to handle your requirements you can have confidence that the company won’t have simply worked hard to win your business, but will work hard to keep it. The only way for this to be achieved is for the relationship with you to be built on trust, transparency, honesty and commitment.

Paddock & Large Area Spraying

Weeds can be a serious problem in pasture and paddocks causing grass to become overcrowded and unproductive. Weeds will appear at some stage even in the best managed paddocks and can be dealt with by applying a selective herbicide. This is best done when weeds are actively growing so would generally be best carried out during the period April to October.

At lawn partners we have a range of equipment at our disposal to treat most sizes of paddock from knapsack for spot treating up to a compact tractor mounted boom sprayer to cover larger areas.

Sports Turf Management

Is your sport's ground or playing field looking a little tired? At lawn partners professional lawn care we can provide help re-invigorate your turf through a managed programme of lawn feeding and weed control or simply be on hand to apply a one-off treatment.

We have a range of equipment at our disposal to spray your sports field and/or to apply a turf fertiliser.

Tennis Court Treatment

Got moss and algae on your tennis court? We offer a service designed to treat and prevent algae and moss on all hard surfaces which does NOT involve pressure washing or scrubbing. The product we use is readily biodegradable, pH neutral, contains no bleach or acids and is fully HSE approved.

We are fully compliant with current legislation and are PA1 & PA6 accredited for the application of herbicides and pesticides.

If you would like further advice or information about our range of services please get in touch.

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