Common lawn problems


A weed is defined as any plant growing in the wrong place, ie.where it is not wanted.  Even in the most well managed turf, weeds will find there way into your lawn.  The most effective method of getting rid of weeds is to use a selective herbicide when the plant is actively growing… more details…

Moss Control

If moss is present in your lawn, it is a symptom that conditions are not favourable for the growth of healthy grass. Using a moss treatment in isolation is not sufficient and the best way to reduce the risk of its return is to establish the causes and correct them…

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Lawn Pests

There are a whole host of pests which can cause problems in your lawn. Some are commonplace and whilst a nuisance do not represent a threat to lawn health. There are others however, which if left can cause serious damage to turf. For example, leatherjackets, chafer grubs, ants, worms and moles

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Common Lawn Diseases 

This following section summarises the more common lawn fungal conditions which can arise, many of which can afflict otherwise healthy lawns. For example red thread, fusarium patch, toadstools, fairy rings, leaf rust… more details…

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