Frequently asked questions

Q: When is the best time to start treating my lawn?

A: There is never a wrong time to start a programme of lawn care. The fact that the programme will be tailored to the individual needs of your lawn means it will take the time of year fully into account.

Q: What if I feel my lawn is beyond help?

A: Rarely is a lawn beyond help and during the evaluation we will be able to advise whether lawn renovation is feasible or not. As well as routine lawn treatments we offer a comprehensive range of lawn renovation services.

Q: How long will it take for my lawn to look healthy?

A: This very much depends upon the time of year the programme commences but typically during the growing season you’ll see an improvement in 2-3 weeks. Where a significant amount of lawn renovation work is required the recovery time will be longer.

Q: Why can’t I apply the same products and get the same results?

A: The products we use are only available to professionals; they are not available to the public, and achieve far better results than those you might buy in the garden centre.

Q: I already have a gardener, will I still need him?

A: A lawn partners programme of feeding and weed control will enhance the work already undertaken by your gardener. We provide the perfect complement to any gardener’s services.

Q: It must be more expensive if I let you treat the lawn?

A: Surprisingly, lawn partners treatments may cost less than doing the job yourself.

Q: Why don’t you recommend a fixed number of treatments annually?

A: The programme we recommend is based upon our evaluation and will take into account factors such as lawn condition and soil type. We also need to bear in mind seasonal weather patterns. Consequently we do not like to prescribe a fixed number of visits every year but take a more flexible approach.

Q: Do I need to water my lawn after your visit?

A: In most cases no, we will be able to adapt the product we use to suit the weather conditions. Granular fertilizers applied correctly will not scorch your lawn.

Q: When will I see my weeds start to die?

A: Following a weed treatment by lawn partners you will start to see a change in about 7-10 days. Weed treatment is only applied when weeds are actively growing so typically between April and end-September. The products that we use will control most common lawn weeds and are shower proof, but external factors, eg. heavy rain within 12 hours of treatment, unusually warm dry weather or mowing immediately after treatment, can reduce their effectiveness. If you are concerned please telephone us and we will call and check.

Q: Are you qualified to apply the products you use?

A: Yes, the application of pesticides used by lawn partners requires training and certification to NPTC (formerly City & Guilds) standards which we hold. Our operators will happily produce their NPTC registration cards on request.

Q: Are pets and small children in danger from the treatments?

A: The granular fertilizers that we apply are approved for use on domestic lawns and are not hazardous provided they are used in accordance with the labelled instructions. Once we have applied a liquid weed treatment you should keep children and pets off the lawn until it is dry. Lawns are usually dry in 20-30 minutes and then it’s perfectly safe to enjoy your lawn.

Q: Is there a contract to sign?

A: No. We do not ask you to sign a contract, it's pay as you go. If at any time you’d like to stop then all we ask is that you inform us in plenty of time of your wishes.

Q: How much will it cost me?

A: As you might expect, our prices are based on the size of the lawns we care for. All prices we quote are exclusive of VAT and start from as little as £22 per visit. Why not contact us today? We will visit you at a time to suit you and give you a free lawn evaluation and quotation without any obligation. You've nothing to lose and a beautiful, healthy and weed-free lawn to gain.

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